Business, Ethics, and Society

BUSINESS, ETHICS, AND SOCIETY (DePaul University, 2000, 2002-2003)

This course is an interdisciplinary examination of the moral and ethical issues arising from contemporary business practices and economic systems from the perspective of a variety of religious, philosophical, and political traditions.  Each class meeting will feature discussion of classic and/or contemporary texts in religion, philosophy, and related disciplines along with application of ideas and principles from those traditions to case studies in business and economics.  Readings will acquaint the students with a variety of perspectives on wealth, virtue, justice, and responsibility relevant for both individual and corporate ethics in businesses, communities, and the global economy.  Case studies will apply the insights of these traditions to questions of business conduct, obligations to stakeholders, employer-employee relations, workplace diversity, pollution and the environment, and the role of multinational corporations in the global economy.  The student will gain broad knowledge of a variety of ethical approaches to wealth, business, and the economy; cultivate critical skills in written and oral ethical argumentation and analysis; and learn to apply complex moral concepts to concrete cases.


“Overall–a great course that challenges me and my way of thinking. It was difficult to complete all of the course material, but we can’t grow if we don’t reach beyond ourselves. ‘To achieve all that is possible, we must attempt the impossible.  To be as much as we can, we must dream of being more.’”

“Great course. I was very skeptical of taking this course at first and wanted to drop it the first day.  I am glad I stuck with it because it enlightened me on issues and why things occur.”

 “Great class. Prof. Green really had an aggressive syllabus, but I got a lot out of the class.”

 “The course was very informative regarding ethics. The issues in our society today were addressed and discussed among students. The readings and lectures varied according to each issue in ethics and this made the course interesting.  I would highly recommend this class to students.”

 “The class was informational. I feel that I learned new ways of thinking about this subject.”         

 “I really enjoyed this course because it introduced me to many new points of view which I have subsequently thought about and tried to apply outside of class.”

 “The course: very interesting and bringing curiosity and desire to reach out for more information. I truly enjoyed the class.”

 “I think this class was very informative. The structure that Ms. Green chose was excellent and one that other teachers should try. The group discussion portion was well thought out and should not change. Her grading was extremely fair. Overall course was good.”

 “The videos were excellent. I’d recommend them to every ethics class. A lot of learning caught my attention and turned my view about work-family relationship to a more realistic view. The videos made me reflect.”

 “I especially liked the ‘tradition’ readings. They gave me a better understanding of each religion.”

 “I believe it helped develop my writing skills. By having professor take time to edit and comment on my writing made me feel she respected my writing.”

 “Readings–the syllabus selection was outstanding! I enjoyed the supplemental readings, handouts. Lectures and outlines were helpful to my learning. The journals are a lot of work but very helpful, especially because of the rich comments of the Professor.”

 “This course really helped me develop a writing skill I never knew existed at all in me.  Thanks, Ms. Green! When I started this course, I hated the writing part of it, but now I am actually looking forward to writing.”

 “This was the first time I ever enjoyed small group discussion. Thank you. Just everything was well done and if Prof. Green wasn’t leaving, I’d recommend her for anything. There was a lot of information in this course, but she presented it well, and made things easy to understand. Use of videos and case studies helped further. Thank you again.”